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0986435573 RAM 6.7L Bosch Fuel Injector Cab & Chassis (2013-2018) Remanufactured Common Rail Injector

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New o-rings and seals Control valves and Nozzles are flow tested 100% Each Injector individually tested on state-of-the-art test equipment Proudly Remanufactured in the USA
This is a Remanufactured RAM 6.7L Cummins Common Rail Fuel Injector. -Comes with New Combustion Seal and O-rings for installation. -Every injector is individually tested on a state of the art test bench to ensure they meet OE specifications. -Every injector test consists of: solenoid performance, response time, back leak flow test, full load test, mid load test, idle test, pre-injection test, and emission test points. -After the testing the injector, a code is produced based on flow values and etched onto the injector. This code is used during the installation of the injectors. It must be programmed into the ECU to the specific cylinder it was installed in, which then uses the information to set parameters specific to each injector. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the process.
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Manufacturer SPS
Core Charge 110.00
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