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Rapidfix Dual Adhesive System 10ML (6121728)

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Rapidfix Dual Adhesive System 10ML (6121728)

RapidFix can produce High strength bonds in seconds. The RapidFix adhesive dries crystal clear and bonds most material instantly. Some of these materials include rubber, metal, plastics, copper, aluminum, steel, glass and most plastics. 

RapidFix welding powder is used in conjunction with the adhesive to repair all types of holes, cracks and gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support the repair, just like solder or a welded joint.

RapidFix can also be used to build up or replace missing areas of the part. RapidFix can be instantly drilled, filed, sanded. Because it dries clear or a neutral color it can be easily painted or stained to any color.

RapidFix is the only product that can instantly repair windshield wiper bottles, radiator overflow tanks and air intake systems. RapidFix can also repair, gas tanks, radiators, headlight housings and can be used for electrical wiring. Unlike all other instant adhesives RapidFix has a special formula that will not dry out in the bottle. The product is backed up with a 12 month guarantee.

The RapidFix Dual Adhesive System combines an Instant Adhesive with a Welding Powder and together they repair almost anything. 

The RapidFix Professional Adhesive bonds most materials instantly. These materials include rubber, glass, copper, aluminum, steel and most plastics.  It even bonds unlike materials to one another such as glass to aluminum or rubber to metal.

The RapidFix Welding Powder is used to repair all types of holes,cracks, gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to support therepair, just like solder or welded joints.

RapidFix is a scientifically developed dual component adhesive system.  A powerful, instant bonding adhesive which can be used alone or with the welding powder.  The powder is formulated to harden instantly when it comes in contact with the adhesive.  Together, the two are used to reinforce repairs similar to a weld, along with filling holes, gaps, and cracks.

The adhesive dries crystal clear so it is perfect for use on glass and ceramic repairs.  The welding powder hardens opaque-white and can be painted immediately. The hardened welding powder can be instantly drilled, sanded, ground, filed, and painted.   

The RapidFix Dual Adhesive System has a wide range of applications. It can bond almost any material to itself or to another material. Those materials include: rubber, glass, copper, aluminum, steel, and most plastics.  It can be used to fill wood and ceramic as well as other non-porous materials.

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Manufacturer Stromberg Carlson
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