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Parker/Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator (1000MA30)

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Parker/Racor Fuel Filter Water Separator (1000MA30)
Racor Turbine Series Fuel Filter/Water Separators have been protecting engines from water, dirt, foulants, and other contaminants for over 27 years using a patented three-stage process:
Separation: the turbine centrifuge separates solids and free water through centrifugal action. Although the turbine has no moving parts, over 30% of the contaminants are removed here
Coalescing: smaller water droplets and solids coalesce on the specially designed conical baffle and fall to the collection bowl
Filtration: engines benefit from near 100% water separation and fuel filtration with Racor's proprietary Aquabloc water repelling media
These are UL listed Marine Fuel Filters 
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Manufacturer Parker / Racor
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