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Parker/Racor 2 Micron Fuel Filter Element (2040SM-OR)

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Parker/Racor 2 Micron Fuel Filter Element (2040SM-OR)

Waterproof, rustproof, dirtproof. Engineered to repel water and remove solid contaminants before they can damage precision engine components. Racor Aquabloc elements are available in different lengths for various flow rates and color coded for 2, 10 and 30 micron. The lower the micron rating, the finer the filtration. Lower micron ratings should be considered when there is no additional downstream filtration. 
Follow your engine manufacturer's recommendation for fuel filter micron rating.
S = Secondary/Final 2 micron (Brown end cap)
T = Primary or Secondary/Final 10 micron (Blue end cap)
P = Primary 30 micron (Red end cap) Note: 2020 and 2040 SM, TM, and PM elements ordered in North or South America may be substituted with the U.S. manufactured 2020N or 2040N style black endcap elements. Both element styles use the exact same Aquabloc media and their filtration performance is exactly alike.

  • 2 Micron
  • Replacement element for the 900 Series fuel filter and water seperator
  • Aquabloc II technology - 99% H2O Removal
  • O-ring kit included
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Manufacturer Parker / Racor
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