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Parker/Racor Closed Crankecase Ventilation (CCV4500-08R)

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Parker/Racor Closed Crankecase Ventilation (CCV4500-08R)
Crankcase blow-by gas is produced when combustion gases under high pressure escape past piston rings into the crankcase. As these blow-by gases pass though the crankcase, they become contaminated with oil mist. In enclosed areas like generator sets or engine rooms, contaminated blow-by gas coats and damages the surrounding equipment, resulting in hazardous conditions and expensive clean up maintenance. Uncontrolled blow-by oil mist also coats engine after coolers and turbochargers, reducing cooling capacity and engine efficiency.

Racor's Crankcase Ventilation Systems remove the mist and contamination before it can do damage. In closed systems (CCV), the high efficiency filter prevents fouling of the turbocharger and after-cooler.

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Manufacturer Parker / Racor
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